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Limo GPS Tracking Tool for limousine and shuttle companies

GPS Tracking Tool Combines Ease, Functionality, and Reliability

Our GPS enabled technology allows you to opt for software that will meet all the real-time tracking needs of your limousine, shuttle, or a taxi company but won't set you back financially. In an increasingly digital world, most drivers have access to smart phones. GPS Tracking Tool give you the opportunity to combine technologies - our software, your Apple iOS or Google Android phone. The combination makes for a tracking system that is simple to use and provides a myriad of GPS monitoring solutions to your transportation company. In an industry that calls for widespread movement across cities, a cost-effective means of tracking is essential to your business to confirm the location of your fleet vehicles.

Our software facilities widespread communication between both dispatch and drivers and amongst drivers. Whether drivers are "On Route to the Airport", "Stuck in Traffic", or "On Lunch Break" - the application communicates these labels to dispatch alongside the geographic coordinates of each driver. Changes in status and location are communicated in real-time - there's no need to call in, simply make the change on your device with a single swipe and the adjustment is conveyed to dispatch. Unlike various fleet-tracking applications that solely have the ability to trace movement, GPS Tracking Tool also allows your company to generate reports based on the previous activity of drivers. Report generation allows you to know the location and status of a driver anytime in the past. Additionally, with safety in mind, the application allows your company to monitor the speed of your drivers. An alert is delivered electronically to dispatch when a speed of 15 miles over the speed limit is reached. Dispatch can also receive alerts in the event a driver does not arrive at a location at an appointed time. The use of GPS Tracking Tool unlocks a world of functionality.

Tracking with software is accurate

Opting for a software over hardware doesn't mean you're sacrificing accuracy. GPS Tracking Tool ensures your unit has constant up-to-date flow of information about the precise location of drivers. Both longitude and latitude coordinates as well as common street names are readily available as your drivers are on the move.

Tracking does not deplete your cell phone data

Though our application requires users to utilize their cellular data, operators will not incur substantial charges for this data usage. Running the application all day takes up approximately the same amount of data as viewing a YouTube video for a few minutes. The GPS coordinates are only sent when your drivers are on the move. The data being sent is very minimal.

More cars doesn't equal extreme costs

With GPS Tracking Tool more cars in your unit actually mean greater discounts. As a business, we understand that companies should not be penalized for their expansion and we want to contribute to your success and continued growth. Regardless of the size of your limousine, shuttle, or taxi company, our rates are affordable. We also have different pricing plans to meet your needs.

Privacy is ensured every step of the way

While in operation our software provides precise tracking. However, the option exists to turn tracking off by simply switching off the "Share Location" option. Drivers are in complete control of when they are tracked.

Generating Reports is a Key Feature

Unlike various applications that solely have the ability to track, GPS Tracking Tool also allows your company to generate reports based on the previous activity of drivers. Report generation allows you to know the location and status of a driver anytime in the past.

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